We offer two main services: laser cutting, engraving of various materials such as solid wood, mdf, plywood, acrylics, leather, textiles, paper, cardboard, stones. Some of the materials can be cut and engraved, while others unfortunately only engraved. Each of them has different specifications and limitations. We will try to explain the processes below and also show the effect of these on various materials. ​ We offer custom design and then produce items required by you. You can supply us with your own ready to cut design or you can ask us to do it for you. ​ If you need to produce larger amounts of items, we are the place to go. We can provide material or you can supply us with suitable material from your stock. We offer bulk orders at discounted rates.

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Laser cutting is in simple words focusing a laser beam of high energy into tiny dots. If the energy is high enough, the laser beam will burn through the material. Speed of the process depends on the hardness and thickness of the material…

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Laser engraving is a similar process to cutting, but we use less power but higher speed. When a laser beam hits the material burns or evaporates a pixel on the surface leaving on most materials high contrast compared to untouched surface…

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Laser marking works almost the same as engraving, but it does not physically burn the material. That means you are not able to feel the markings with a finger. With a Co2 laser we can mark several metal materials…